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Re: A4 turbo failure?

In a message dated 5/3/99 2:52:10 PM EST, caliban@sharon.net writes:

<< here's my $100 bet that chipping your a4 voided just about
 	any warranty you had, especially wrt the turbo.  maybe you
 	can "unchip" it before taking it in for warranty service,
 	though. >>

The car's been in for service before, with the chip in situ, and the VAG 1551 
has not detected it. 

The chip is a Garrett chip that he burned specifically for me. It was reverse 
engineered to look like an Audi chip to the tool. The only way a service 
technician could tell it's not kosher is if he took the time to download and 
read the timing and boost settings. I'm not saying it's impossible, but most 
of those guys aren't going to bother unless: A) they really know what they're 
doing and B) have the time to be that curious, especially if they don't get 
any fault codes when they take a reading on the VAG.

Mike Torio