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Re: failure notice

>   The real key is education of our list members as to proper 
>   etiquette for posts and responses.  Maybe we need a detailed 
>   "before you join" instruction message with all of the 
>   reoccurring annoyances outlined preemptively.

Now that I've been able to recover the files off the old server, I can put
some of the info files back in place and add to them.  
Perhaps a monthly reminder will help.

Right now I'm getting about 20 non-member submissions a day - don't assume
people can read :)

>   Now the issue of people posting a reply containing an entire 
>   digest really is an annoyance.  And please do not get me 
>   started about the ugly MIME garbage.

That was an anomaly - some #$%&* in the UK got on the list and decided
to mailbomb his way off.

The MIME and HTML crap will be filtered out effective tomorrow.
I still need to decide if I want to punt those messages, or bounce them
back to the sender.  Currently they are going to me, and I get
quite a bit of mail already :)

| Dan |