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Quattro List calling cards

No I don't mean pre-paid long distance cards, I mean the old kind as in "a
Colonel Bligh is here to see you miss..."

I recall two years ago when I first subscribed catching the tail end of a
thread on discussing creation of quattro list cards:  Business-sized cards
with the QList url which one might carry around as a friendly hello under
the wiper of interesting parked Audis.

The logistics of designing, ordering, and disseminating thousands of cards
sounds pretty daunting, but what about designing a black and white template
which could be downloaded from the web site and printed up on a laser
printer on perforated business card stock?  It could be personalized with an
individual's email address as well.

It's beyond my artistic (and technical) talents, but surely there are some
graphic designers among us who'd be willing to give it a shot?  Dan, sound

Brandon Hull
'91 ersatz S2

>Got a business card under my wiper here at home >tonight.  Club H2O, SC
>Chapter, Watercooled VW and Audi Club.  Emailed the >two people listed on
>the card.  A Jetta driver left it.  Maybe I'll find some >interesting
>events going on locally.