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Re: Quattro List calling cards

If this idea flies I could help out with a design, I just happen to be a
graphic designer.  At least working with a computer all day gives me a
great chance to monitor the list.  I don't know what I'd do all day with
out it, maybe work?  Any way I can help spread the word of the list,
count me in.


Brandon Hull wrote:

> No I don't mean pre-paid long distance cards, I mean the old kind as
> in "a
> Colonel Bligh is here to see you miss..."
> I recall two years ago when I first subscribed catching the tail end
> of a
> thread on discussing creation of quattro list cards:  Business-sized
> cards
> with the QList url which one might carry around as a friendly hello
> under
> the wiper of interesting parked Audis.
> The logistics of designing, ordering, and disseminating thousands of
> cards
> sounds pretty daunting, but what about designing a black and white
> template
> which could be downloaded from the web site and printed up on a laser
> printer on perforated business card stock?  It could be personalized
> with an
> individual's email address as well.
> It's beyond my artistic (and technical) talents, but surely there are
> some
> graphic designers among us who'd be willing to give it a shot?  Dan,
> sound
> feasible?
> Brandon Hull
> '91 ersatz S2
> >Got a business card under my wiper here at home >tonight.  Club H2O,
> SC
> >Chapter, Watercooled VW and Audi Club.  Emailed the >two people
> listed on
> >the card.  A Jetta driver left it.  Maybe I'll find some >interesting
> >events going on locally.