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Re: fuse box conversion data

>i am in the middle of deciphering *exactly* what needs to be done to
>swap the underhood fuse box into an early 80's 4k/cgt.  

I would be interested in this information. In my crystal ball I see a 
similar project being performed on my 83 ur-q wiring system. I 
have a fusebox and partial wiring harness from an 85 coupe GT
which I plan on using as a core of the new harness. 

My most recent wiring adventure began on the drive back from the
Steamboat winter driving school. First the blower motor quit and then
the wipers quit. And I had to get across rabbit ears pass in a raging
blizzard, 10-20ft visibility. Luckily the drivers side wiper started

This past weekend I finally got around to digging into both problems.
I removed the original blower motor and checked voltages 11.5 V. 
And the ground circuit was intact. Plugged in spare blower motor
and it didn't work. Checked voltage at switch, 11.5V. Upon advice
from Steve Eiche, I checked both blower motors on my battery, both
worked fine, plug them in and they don't work. I then checked the voltage
with the motors attached, about 11.5V. Motors still not working. I then
undid fuse box and pulled off multipin connector, pins looked fine, back 
of fuse box loooked fine. Sprayed contact cleaner on the connector and 
plugged back in, blower motor worked. Pulled blower motor fuse from fuse 
box, motor still runs. My wiring has been tampered with. I didn't figure 
out which if any fuse controls the blower motor, but added that job to the 
never ending ur-quattro to-do list. I did pull all the connectors from the 
fuse box and sprayed contact cleaner on them all so that should help the 
electrics out for a while.

As for the wiper problem, it was a stripped passenger side arm. I did 
replace the stock ur-q wiper motor/assembly with one from an 1986 
coupe GT. I lubed it up, plugged it in and it worked fine and faster than
the original wiper motor. One difference is that the 86 wiper arms are 
held on with 13mm nuts where the ur-q assembly used 10mm nuts.

>btw, the preliminary advice I have to offer is: if you are thinking of
>doing this, you're crazy.

People have mentioned that before....
Dave Lawson
1983 ur-quattro
1990 200 TQ Avant