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120K service follow-up

Thanks for the info to Darin and Lawrence and everyone else who responded on
my request.  Stopped in at Paul Miller and Mark(service tech)gave me an
estimate of 8 hours if the tensioners don't need to be replaced.  He also
recommended that the thermostat be replaced.  The downside is that they are
booked for 30 days and I do mean booked!  Ordered my tranny parts for the
tranny flush(gaskets,etc.).  Labor is $75 per hour her in NY/NJ for those
folks elsewhere in the country.

I think the whole service with the tranny and parts should come-in at $1300
rather than $2,000.  Much better.  Also, Lawrence thanks for your
encouragement on using the dealer.  I have not forgotten about your
situation.  Best of luck with that.

93 4.2 V8