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RE: TTs should be here

As Neal Swanson passed on the rumors to us Sunday morning, I'm here to
declare them as true.

I swung by my local dealer on the way home last night, and found a brand
spanking new 2000 TT sitting outside the main entrance.  Of course it had
been pre-sold, sight unseen.  I did manage to finagle a little seat time
from the Sales Manager, in addition to putting my name on the call list when
the demo vehicle arrives next week.

Initial thoughts (from someone 6'4") is there is plenty of leg and head
room.  The head duck getting into the car was automatic, only after I sat
down and looked back to the door did it occur to me that I should have
bumped my head.  The seat height adjustment mechanism doesn't seem as fluid
as in other model Audis, but perhaps it just needs breaking in.  I'm going
to defer judgement on visibility outside the car until after the road test.
My biggest concern is that driving a TT will fall into the same category as
my driving a Miata, namely that I can't see the stop light when I pull up to

Anyone in the Boston area may want to take a trip over the Tobin bridge into
Boston.  Pulling over to the right just before or after the toll yields an
impressive view of the Massport Port Authority holding yard.  I remember
that view last June when the dock was a sea of new beetles in various
colors.  A sea of TT's would make an interesting sight, and an interesting


Stott Hare
85 Callaway 4ktq
84 4ktq (MC conversion in progress)
...waiting for the TTS Roadster quattro...