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The damage so far...

Firstly - one wrecked turbocharger - worn bearings, blown seals - it could
be reworked but "Quite honestly, some of the parts are one step away from
scrap...". So its being rebuilt, only the air impeller and the front and
rear housings can be reused. Cost? - I'll find out later in the week.
Curious thing though is that although the bearings have suffered from oil
starvation, enough has been getting though to burn off in the exhaust.

Secondly - one seized auxiliary water pump. The whole thing is locked solid,
the impeller won't turn at all. I know that this was working last October
when I changed the coolant - that was probably the last time that it did
work. The VAG price is enough to make a lottery winner worried so I'm
heading for the Bosch agent tomorrow.

Jim Haseltine