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Re: Dual vs. Single Oil Filters (Which is better)

In message <Pine.GHP.4.05.9905041255480.12046-100000@falcon.csrv.uidaho.edu> Todd Phenneger writes:

> Anyhow,  Audi Turbo Motors.  KH/WX/ WR???  had dual oil filters.
> Turbo had its own separate unit.   Newer   MC (MB??) have only one filter.
> WHich is better.  I am probably putting an MC into either my ur-q or my
> 4ktq and I'm wondering if the MC should keep its Single filter or if I
> should Back Date to the Dual Setup.

Yes, WR had two filters.  MC/MB/1B had a single filter.  The delta is
probably because of the introduction of hydraulic lifters and the need
to keep the oil galleries filled with the engine off.  I would suggest
that an engine with hydraulic lifters should retain the single filter
with anti-drainback valve.  If you're determined to go with two (and I
can see no benefit in competition, since you change the filters much
more often anyway) I would suggest you review the effect the change
has on the retention of oil in the hydraulic lifter oil supply.

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