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TT - Sightings

I was over to Carlsen to pick up my lock cylinders ... more to come on that
when we get to the end of the ordeal ... and out of the corner of my eye I
spy ... to noone's surprise ... a black TT driving into the back lot.  Linda
was walking by at about the same time so I asked her about them ... she said
that they had 10 of them and that I should poke around back there to check
them out.  

As I suspected, I find the car to be far more attractive in person than in
the pictures.  I really like the view from the front, and with that
"greenhouse" I predict it will be a hit with the "gangstas" ... the car was
quite a bit smaller than I was expecting.  I don't see myself rushing out to
trade in the ur-q for one anytime soon, but when I have more time I think
I'll try one on for size.  It looked as though they did have a car or two as
a demonstrator, so anyone in the area should be able to pop by for a test
drive.  I saw 4 of the cars, one brilliant black, one silver and two "denim
blue pearlescent metallic."  The first two looked good to me ... REAL good,
but I think I'll pass on the blue.  Funny thing was that it was one of the
blue ones that had the SOLD tag on it!

... so anyway, before leaving I thought I'd talk to the service guys to see
if they had any pointers about removing the door handle on the V8 ... the
service advisor pokes around in the shop for a few minutes and comes back to
tell me that their Audi specialist was out so he couldn't help me ...
figures ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)