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Looking for new car...

Wife's car will be paid off by the end of the month and it is my turn to
get a new (newer) car.  I would like to have another Audi but would 
probably need an Avant and know that it will not be easy to find one
in our price range.  May end up with an SUV (Pathfinder or Jeep)
when all is said and done.  My only requirements for the mystery 
vehicle are:  1. 4x4, quattro, or awd and 2. auto tranny (she does not
want to learn a 5 spd at her 28 years of life.  If anyone has some ideas/
leads please let me know! 

Also will be selling my 48 4000s no q, have done lots to her, if any interest
let me know!

Thanks,      Ron

***Ron Roth  Ithaca NY USA  84 4ks  adkcat@aol.com***