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will I kill it?(turboing a 90)

After becoming totally frustrated and annoyed 
searching for any good aftermarket power upgrades
 for my 94'90q I had basically given up.  Anything 
for this car is impossible to find.  Even my mags 
had to be custom drilled.  However, I was
reading "Turbo" mag last week, and I noticed that 
one of their feature cars (a mx-3) was highly modified
and turbocharged by a shop near me in montreal.
Just for fun, I decided to give them a call and see
what they could do for my car.  For a reasonable price, 
they will custom install a turbo, an intercooler and rebuild 
the clutch.  A increase of about 100 Hp is anticipated.    
I have to decide on it by Thursday, and was wondering
if anyone might have any advice, or recommendations before I decide to 
commit to something I might regret.  Also, after searching everywhere, 
I was convinced that white guages are not made for my car, but yesterday 
I saw a '93 90 with them and I'd love to know who sells them.