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4KQ upgrades, turbo, brakes, ect...


Has anybody on the list swapped in a 10v turbo motor into a 4KQ? I'm
trying to see just how big of a deal this would be -- I would guess about
80-100 hours (about a month+ of full weekends) And also to find out about
the snags in the installation.

Brakes - With a bigger motor I will need bigger brakes. (Going down twisty
colorado mountian roads and all...) I have heard about putting 5K fronts
on the 4K. Has anyone done this? Is there a bigger/better solution? (using
stock parts, not necessarly audi, as opposed to brembos or something
painfully expensive)

Exhaust - On a turbo motor are there any easy tricks? Removing the 2nd
resonator? Or should I really look into a good aftermarket exhaust?

Gagues - Is there a oil pressure pickoff on a 10v turbo motor that you can
put a gague on? I would feel naked without one. 

Other neat tricks - Any suggestions?

As I am of the opinion that the late 4KQ's are the prettiest Audi's made
(Hey, It's my opinion...) I would really like to make a severe hotrod out
of one. I like stealth.

Any info at all would help,



Jim Tiemann
'86 4KQ