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Re: Question for ETKA users

In message <l0302090bb3566094ebc0@[]> Tom Nas writes:

> Could anyone with ETKA do me the favour of looking something up?
> My question is: is the printed circuit board for the instrument panel of
> all Audi 80s and 90s (8/86-on for the 80, 2/87-on for the 90) the same part
> number, or are there different parts?

ETKA doesn't distinguish much between the 80 and 90 - just between
onboard computers or not.

811 919 059 BA is without and below 81-H-300 001, 811 919 059 BB is
with and the same VINs.  Above H-300 001 only 893 919 059 C is listed.

The latter part is also listed for the Coupe (as you'd expect, with
an 893 prefix).

 Phil Payne
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