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Re: Low oil pressure?

I've been using 20W-50 lately. It's noticeably harder to start on a cold
morning (compared to 10W-30) but otherwise fine, and it does seem much
better suited to California weather, according to that little chart.

One question: the 15W-40 I see at the stores is usually in gallon
containers and is listed for diesel truck use. Is there anything unusual
about this stuff, that would make it a worse choice for gas engines? I
wouldn't think so but just thought I'd check. Thanks.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 154k

Peter Berrevoets wrote:
> Sounds like it's right where it should be.  Cold engine with anything
> 10W/30/40/50 will read right up at the 5.0 BAR level.  When it warms up the
> lighter weights 10W30 15W40 will drop to 3.5 - 4.0 BAR at idle and higher of
> course when cruising. The heavier 20W50 seems to sit up around 5.0 BAR all
> the time. Some listers, and I tend to agree, say that 20W50 should only be
> used in the hottest of climates, I've found that 15W40 changed frequently
> gives the best protection while reducing excessive drag on the moving parts.
> When I first bought mine the PO must have been using 5W30 and the pressure
> never went above the 3.5 BAR figure.  When I put in 20W50 and the gauge
> jumped straight to 5.0 BAR I thought I was going to 'pop-a-gasket'!
> Fortunately the QList put my mind to rest.