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RE: SCREWED by the ins. co.

I would bypass the other insurance company's estimator and communicate
directly with the insurance company.  Assuming that you feel you have
not been injured or would have any problems in the future, I would
inform them anyway that you have been seeing a doctor and have been
documenting your injuries and plan to retain a lawyer in the near
future.  Tell them you are keeping all information confidential if they
want details.  Then tell them that you are willing to settle for "X"
number of dollars if they would agree to fairly settle on your vehicle
and that you would sign a release.
Mind you that all disclaimers apply, but sometimes you need to push them
to get them to do the right thing.
Rene Curry
Grosse Ile, MI
84 5KST   

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>A professional appraiser should be able to look at the car even now and give
>you an appraisal as to it's value when it was pristine.  Do you have photos
>of the car and any receipts? Get two appraisers, your car looked good
>(albeit squashed)in the photos. Don't get mad - OK it's too late - but focus
>that energy on getting what is "rightfully" yours. Bury them in paper, get
>anybody who knew the car to put their opinion of its condition in writing.
>You paid for insurance. The other driver was insured, you survived almost
>unscathed (amazing!). Go get what's yours by right! A reasonable replacement
>of equivalent value. Don't get mad - just don't stop pestering them until
>they finally decide it's not worth the grief of having you hounding them.
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>> Subject: SCREWED by the ins. co.
>> the other kid's ins. co etsimator came out and totalled out my
>> car today..
>> has yet to give me a value, but i know i will lose.
>> their member nearly killed me, and <snip>