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RE: FW: Lets Drop the Drop the Digest Thread.

It's too bad that you didn't read past the first paragraph Phil.

I - on the list responded to a post from another - main-lister or
dige-lister - within twenty minutes of it's posting - for me around 5:30 am.
I missed the cc to the list on my original reply - all-nighters play havoc
with my attention to detail.  So when I was again reading the list I noticed
my 'miss' and forwarded the reply.  I was expecting your response to be
nothing more than it was. Well done Phil. Your knowledge and expertise has
elevated you above and beyond the rest of us mere mortals.


Peter Berrevoets
Love the cars - Love the People - Admire your knowledge and experience -
Won't stand for the attitude

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> > The biggest whiner seems to be Phil re: WOB, but I wonder if
> it's more due
> > to the fact that for him, much of the content is redundant.
> I love the way so many jump up and accuse me of whining when all I
> did was ask whether the digest saves bandwidth or actually contributes
> to its wastage.
> All the last few posts have done is prove my point - opinions long since
> aired and accepted on the main list are still appearing from digest
> subscribers.
> BTW - this _IS_ a democratic list.  One Dan, one vote.
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