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Re: SCREWED by the ins. co.

Jordan said...

>all that money ive paid in car insurance premiums over the years...and i
>nothing back.

You aren't supposed to...insurance isn't an investment plan, or a lottery.
Your insurance isn't involved in this, is it? The OTHER driver is getting
his money's worth...and would _really_ (sad, but true) get his moneys worth
if someone was hurt or killed.

I have collision on my car,1984 5000S plain-jane. My $300 deductable cost me
$132 a year.

Hit a deer last June, $1500 damage, $100 out of pocket...and a break in,
total claim about the same. In the same year!

My $300 collision deductable cost me $132 a year.

Only paid $2000 for the car...dumped a ton in repairs in the last three
years, but hey, it's an Audi, and a sadly neglected one at that.

Your car looked pretty darn smacked up....

how much would you think it would be to fix it?
And how much are you getting for it?
What do you think would _really_be fair for a sixteen year old car?

>the only thing to do, is sue for pain/suffering.
>that is the ONLY way you can get decent compensation.

 I thought you said you were ok. Are you injured?