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RE: Low oil pressure?

The 15W40 in Canada can be found under the Castrol GTX brand name and
probably others.  I find that 20W50 is just too heavy, even here in 'The
Great White North' our summers are often pushing 85/90 very humid degrees
(F).  I'm running 10W30 currently because I'm about to do my fifth oil
change in two months.  I found it to be the best way to clean the crud out
of the engine and eliminate lifter noise. 20W50 just seems to cause to much
drag on the engine - performance reducer?

Having no recent experience with diesel engines I do seem to recall that
there are different additives/detergents used than in the gasoline engines
and they are not compatible.

Peter B
1990 200TQ 10V

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> I've been using 20W-50 lately. It's noticeably harder to start on a cold
> morning (compared to 10W-30) but otherwise fine, and it does seem much
> better suited to California weather, according to that little chart.
> One question: the 15W-40 I see at the stores is usually in gallon
> containers and is listed for diesel truck use. Is there anything unusual
> about this stuff, that would make it a worse choice for gas engines? I
> wouldn't think so but just thought I'd check. Thanks.
> - Wallace