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RE: MH99: Camping at Laguna Seca

I just got off the phone with Laguna Seca and the ticket agent list about
8-10 sites available in the Grand Prix campground but of course there is 1
less now. # 125 is no longer available.
Jim Dupree

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		At 12:29 PM 4/13/99 -0700, Buchholz, Steven wrote:
		>If anyone is interested in camping at Laguna Seca for the
Monterey Historics
		>in August, please get in touch with me.  AQCUSA has a small
number of RV
		>sites that are still available in a very good location
(turn 9).  E-mail me
		>directly if you would like more information ...

		just a fyi for those thinking about mh99 but not yet
planning for it:
		last time i checked (just a few days ago) there were less
than 10 premier
		(reserved) campsites available (turn 5 area) in all of
laguna seca
		raceway's camping areas.
		i would assume that the regular ("first come, first served")
		still have some availability.