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Never Do This (was re: SCREWED by the ins. co.)

Alexander van Gerbig admits to doing The Bad Thing:

>  I got bored two nights ago and totaled out all my receipts
>  for stuff I added or fixed on my '88 80, $9500!

The reason this is The Bad Thing is that then you run the risk that you
might start thinking about what ELSE you could have bought for that much

And we won't even CONSIDER what might happen if the Significant Other
happens to find that total.  (Which is a silly fear -- they know, they
ALWAYS know...)

Actually, with my '83 CGT, I'm still in decent shape.  I just spent a
few minutes with the calculator; tomorrow will mark 11 months with the
car, and apart from the purchase price, gasoline and topping up oil
between changes I've spent about $225.  If it weren't for the Audi list,
I'd have to add at least another $130 or so -- that's what I've saved
just by getting my parts through Linda at Carlsen, using the
quattro-list discount.  

And that doesn't begin to take into account the saved money in
diagnostic procedures I didn't have to pay for or waste time on to solve
well-known problems (fuel pump relay, window switches) or worse yet,
repairs I was able to undertake myself rather than pay for (water pump

Thanks, yet again, to everyone who posts technical tips, Linda's phone
number, and all the other things that make Audi ownership less expensive
and frustrating and let us concentrate on the fun parts.

 -- Scott Fisher
    Sunnyvale, CA