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O.E Glass

I'm curious if anyone knows (or can check on their car) the maker of the 
original windshield glass for 5000s.  I recently had mine replaced ('86 5KTQ 
which had the original, yes, 13 year old, windshield unti last week).  I got 
the "premium" glass, it has Sigla and Pilkington stampings, made in Austria. 
  Pricey glass, installed cost with a new molding from the dealer ($115) was 
about $700, and the shop cut me deal on the premium glass because insurance 
was reluctant to pay that much.  I can highly reccomend the shop, Jeff's 
Quality Auto Glass (Euro Glass) in Woodinville, WA.  In the book of records 
that came with my brother's 91 200Q there were two windshield replacements 
from this shop.  No worries about gouging/scratching the pinch weld and then 
having rust appear in a year or so.  After 13 yrs. the old glass was heavily 
sandblasted with two dings that recently turned into cracks, it's nice being 
able to see once again.
-Matt Martinsen
Seattle, WA

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