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Updated - please reread, desperate! - '95 90 Quattro - Dash lights won't go off, anti-lock won't come on.

OK, just took a closer look at the fuse box.  Apparently the SOB mechanic at
the dealer pulled the fuse for the ABS to replace the one that kept blowing
because of the shorted wires in the trunk.  I have got a major beef with
this dealer.  Anyway, the only thing left to resolve is - the Air Bag
warning light is still on, and of course the manual says to take it to the
dealer.  There's just no way I will do that.  I'm afraid they'll break more
than they'll fix, and charge me $55/hr to do it!  Do you think a VW dealer
would be qualified if I can't fix it myself?  Is it worth calling Audi's
U.S. customer service number?

PLEASE HELP!!!  I know I don't want to mess with a safety device like the
air bag itself, but it was fine before it went to the dealer, I've got to
believe it's an electrical problem with the warning light?!?!?!?!?   What
can I do???

Original note-
Took the car to the dealer the other day for the injector recall and asked
them to look at why the doors locked when the trunk was opened.  They
charged me an hour's time to tell me there's an electrical short - NO
KIDDING!!!!!!  (Autohaus Harrisburg, if anybody's wondering)

Anyway, after declining any further service and picking up the car the
speedo and tach wouldn't work, checked the fuse box and noticed the
fuse was blown - same fuse that goes with the reverse lights in, guess
what - the trunk lid - as well as, dash instruments.  Replaced the
fuse with a spare and the dials were  OK, but now there were two dash
lights on, the "Anti-lock off" light and the "Air Bag" light.  Put the
car in reverse and the fuse blew again - hey I think I'm getting
closer, duh.

Got home and started pinching wires, right below the top of the little
air shock that holds the trunk lid open on the left side seemed to be
a pretty happening spot, locked doors, set off alarms, etc.
Coincidentally enough it happens to be right where the harness bends
as you open and close the trunk, so I cut open the harness covering and
every single wire was broken!

Soldered the wires back together, taped and all is once again OK,
EXCEPT the goofy lights on the dash which are apparently indicating that
actually the anti-lock brakes don't work, or aren't on, because I tried it,
and sure enough, no anti-lock action.  There wasn't a problem before all
this started.  Is there some sort of reset or something for these since
they're safety related or something???  I haven't tried just pulling the
battery, is that worth a shot?