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Porsche Boxster Brakes


So, who has a good working relationship with their local Porsche/Audi
dealer? I am looking to get/buy some used front brake pad backing plates off
of the Porsche Boxster (basically, old used brake pads that are taken off. I
need the metal backing plate part, not the friction surfaces).

I am currently evaluating the Boxster caliper/A8 rotor brakes that John and
I designed (http://www.gatm.com/audi_brakes.html
<http://www.gatm.com/audi_brakes.html> ), and I want to try various pad
compounds from Carbotech Engineering ( http://www.carbotecheng.com
<http://www.carbotecheng.com>  ). Problem is, Larry doesn't have easy access
to the backing plates so that he can re-line them using his compounds.

So if any of you have good relationships with your dealer's service
department, please contact them for me and ask them to save me all the old,
used take-off front brake pads from the Porsche Boxsters (any year). We'll
build a good supply of them, and have some excellent pad compounds spec'd
out for the application.

Please email me and I'll return to you the shipping info (and reimbursement
for expenses.)


Greg Amy
Milford, CT