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RE: stereo

If you go with an 8" they require minimal air space (< 1 cu. Ft.) but I
personally don't think 1 is enough. You could use 2 8" or maybe a 10" (still
minimal air space, especially the new ones on the market). The larger the
speaker dia. the deeper the bass note. W/ an 8" you'll get good drum beat
sound (punchy) w/ a 10" you'll start to actually feel it ("loud rap cars").
It also depends on the amp you use and how high you have it turned up. I had
a pick-up w/ a 15" and the way I had it set up, and depending on the music,
it just helped w/ the full range of sound. 
To keep the use of your trunk you can make a wedge shaped box that fits
tight against the back of the back seat. When doing this you'll get better
sound if you remove any sound deadening material between the trunk and back
seat. Also, you can experiment w/ the speakers facing towards the inside of
the car or facing towards the trunk. I've had better sound w/ the speaker
facing away, but it's all preference.
Josh Wheeler

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	Unfortunately my back seats are not folding down, so either have to
use the
	trunk either under the seat. I intend to put a box with an 8"
woofer. What
	do you think is this enough or do I need two of them. I do not want
	transform my car on one of those crazy ones which you can hear the
	music" from a long distance.

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	> I'm guessing the A6 is similar to the A4 interior. When I removed
the rear
	> seat (all cushions) there was some room under the seat cushion but
	> was
	> a sheet metal lip in front so I don't think that would be the best
	> My
	> seats are a 60/40 split w/ access to the trunk. On the driver's
side is
	> the
	> smaller half, that is where I am putting my box. When you fold
down the
	> passenger sides there will be no interference (it lines up w/ the
	> There are cargo net hooks in the trunk too. So I raised the box
when it
	> meets the back hook (kind of an "L" shape) so I can utilize them
	> Josh Wheeler
	> Josh,
	> I have a 95 A6 and try to put some decent stereo equipment on it,
	> tweeters etc. I'm still thinking where to put the sub box, under
the rear
	> seat or in the trunk. Any suggestions ?
	> Thanks,
	> Dan
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	> 	> You know how hard it is to find a dash kit for installing
	> aftermarket
	> 	> radio? I ordered one almost two weeks ago and just called
the car
	> stereo
	> 	> store wondering where it was. They told me that was a
	> order item
	> 	> and
	> 	> I'd have to wait another week before it would be
	> orders 5-10
	> 	> days). Just wanted to vent. When I finish my install I'll
	> some pics
	> 	> and
	> 	> have them available.  Maybe, if anyone is interested, I
can draw
	> up some
	> 	> plans for the sub box. Should be a pretty slick fit.
	> 	> 
	> 	> Josh Wheeler
	> 	> 96' A4 Q 5spd.