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tweaked frame & computer probs

RE my '87 5kcstq:

1. After many an alignments and tire checks, I'm suspecting my terminal
right pulling might be a bent chassis/frame problem.  Any insights?
Also, I'm really looking for an awesome body shop/suspension shop that
has the frame straightening equipment.  Anyone know of one either in
Burbank or South Bay? (l.a. area)

2.  My li'l computer is now officially on the fritz.  For a couple of
weeks it was giving me 200 mpg & avg speed of 787 mph.  I wish.  Now
it's frozen on the bar showing a constant .7 and I can't change the
display.  Is this worth getting fixed? (i.e. cheap?)  It's
non-essential, but I do like having that info.  Sources on those parts?

3. My front seat leather is ishy.  I got a quote for $675 to reskin
them.  Is that high or about right?


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