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decent dealer experience!?!

ok just had my first dealer service since i had my 4kq years ago - went
in looking for an oil change and a bunch of minor but annoying warranty
items:  heated mirrors dead, bad window operation on drivers side
(both), intermittent cruise switch, flakey remote, rust in the license
plate lights.

was not expecting the best, because the first time i mentioned this
stuff some time ago the svc. mgr. wasn't too 'receptive' shall we say -
basically got 'don't tell me, i'll tell _you_ what's wrong with your

in fact, they covered everything, and anything they didn't fix has parts
on order for install next week.
a pleasant change from my last attempt at Audi warranty coverage...
'that'll have to wait for the Audi rep to approve and he won't be around
for a couple months'.

just had to say something nice about a dealer while i had the chance...