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Re: 200TQ - Voltmeter - still not working.... @%#!$*@!

Hi Peter;

    I took a quick look at the Bentley wiring diagram in passing (passing
through to the A/C tracks, actually). It looks like the voltmeter feed comes
out of the IC on the panel, not directly from the electrical system. This
feed is also connected to a 10v constant voltage block and directly to the
oil temp guage and the oil pressure guage. This is odd, since electrical
guages require a constant voltage for accurate measurement. Perhaps voltage
stabilization is built into the guages???
    My voltmeter does not accurately portray system voltage. It kind of
floats around 13 v when the alternator is putting out 14v. It does tell me
the system is charging ( or more importantly, not) and I can tell what stage
of rad fan is on by the voltmeter reading.
    Sounds like you have an intermittent connection somewhere.

    Your mileage of 10.2l/100km is bang on. My car averages 10l/100km with
approx. 80% highway driving.

Fred Munro
'91 200q  274k km

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Subject: 200TQ - Voltmeter - still not working.... @%#!$*@!

> My 1990 200TQ 10V is running great except for the voltmeter. I've tested
> directly and sure enough it works fine when not in the car.  When in the
> it only moves from the rest position to level with the first mark on the
> scale.  It has once actually registered ~ 13v for about 10 seconds before
> falling back to it's regular spot.  I unfortunately don't have a Bentleys
> manual yet but this little quirk is beginning to really irritate me.
> Can someone with a wiring schematic, or some insight, determine what might
> be the culprit here.  All other gauges and electricals are working, the
> climate control diagnostic shows 13.9 v.  All the electricals work except
> for the console night lighting which I believe is burned out bulbs (the
> buttons light when depressed) and of course the drivers side seat heater.

> The car did have an aftermarket cell phone previously installed but that
> removed by the previous owner.
> I've pulled the dash out three times now and all contacts/connectors have
> been stab22'd. Is there a ground somewhere, or a possible circuit failure
> (due to the cell phone maybe?) that I should/could check/fix?  I've
> that the Oil Temp Gauge works as it starts low and does move up to around
> the 90/100 degree C range.
> Any help or hints would be appreciated.
> Peter B
> 1990 200TQ 10V
> BTW fuel consumption has improved since the addition of the new
> plugs/injectors/fuel filter from a previous average of 13l/100km to a
> current 10.2l/100km all with an increase in real power, operating
> and cranking time... excellent return on investment!