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Re: EKTA and NT?

bsullivan@pcconnection.com wrote:
olution of 1280 X 1024, I might add).
> I'm wondering if any listers have gotten EKTA working in NT. A friend who
> runs NT tried installing it recently with no luck. Every time he runs it he
> gets a hardlock error. In looking at a few of the included programs, it
> appears that, in NT at least, the main program requires a dongle to be in
> place. There is a screen that comes up in one of the diagnostic programs
> that refers to information "uber den dongle" and "uber alles dongles." I
> can't say why it wouldn't require a dongle using Win95 while requiring one

That seems to be a problem with NT and Im not sure theres away around it
yet.  In my shaded past, Ive 'modified' a few programs to alleviate that
problem (CadKEY, AutoCAD, a couple others) for um...'archival' purposes.
Maybe I can dissect this and make it work.