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FW: V8Q: Starting problems and oil pressure

I posted this to the V8 list a few days ago ... perhaps someone here will
have some insight for me ... TIA!

> The wife has been complaining that there are times when the car won't
> start
>  after being shut down for a few minutes after being driven in traffic.
> She
>  says that you have to wait for it to cool down for ~15 minutes before it
>  will start again.  I've seen the car hard to start, but to date I'd
> always
>  been able to get it to fire by applying a bit of throttle.  I took the
> car
>  to work today and got to see the problem first hand ... no amount of
>  throttle would get it to fire.  After shutting off the starter one time
> the
>  oil warning came on, so the next time I ran the starter I observed the
> oil
>  pressure gauge.  It was below the first tic on the gauge, which I figure
> to
>  be 1 bar.  I checked the fluid level and it seemed to be a bit low, so I
>  added a quart and tried again ... fired right up!
>  Does anyone happen to know if the ECU has information about oil pressure
> and
>  if that will prevent the car from starting?  I'll check it out on the
> fiche
>  if I don't hear anything back, but I thought I'd see if any of you
> happened
>  to already know.  
>  TIA!
>  Steve Buchholz
>  San Jose, CA (USA)
>  '91 V8Q 5-speed