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RE: transistors instead of relays

"Solid state relays" is nothing but a fancy term for a large
transistor.  Ever wonder how they manage to switch without any moving
parts?  Although newer transistors have a very low on resistance, it's
still there, and more likely than not, any "solid state relay" that you
find for automotive use won't be state of the art, but a few years
behind the curve.  IMHO, unless you can find a solid state transistor
with an on resistance in the order of just a few miliohms, you are
better off using good quality relays.

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq

From: "Browning David (TVCS)" <BrowningD@tce.com>wrote:
> What about solid state relays?  Anybody an expert on those?
> dB
> '86 4000 H1/H4's w/ relays.