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Re: Lowering springs for Coupe GT

Hi Cater J:

Styling Garage Ingolstadt still makes lowering springs for Audi Coupe GTs! I know because I have their
catalog in front of me! Send $10 and you can get a copy.

SGI is one of the last tuners here in Germany still offering tuning stuff for old Type 85 Audis and
Ur-Quattros. You have a choice of 2 lowering kits for the Coupe GT: P/N 45.545-1 costs 535,- DM (about
$300) and lower the car 40 mm (about 1.25"). If you want Keilform-Federn (lower in the front than the
back), then go with P/N 45.545K. These cost 647,- DM (about $400) and lower the front 60mm (about 2" and
the back about 40mm). SGI's number is 011-49-841-74071. No web page though. Fax is 011-49-841-78416.

SGI also makes a hood that is the same hood used on the commenorative (?sp) 86 Coupe and a nice front lip,
along with a nice looking rear spoiler, side moldings and rear window spoiler like the Toyota Supras had.

If anybody has a scanner and gives me their mailing address, I will send you SGI's catalog, but it is all
in German.

Kind Regards

Robert Braunschweig