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All German cars (Except for Porsche) has a electronic speed shut off at 
250 Km/h (155.35 miles/h).
If you chip tune your car this shut off is being removed (among many 
other things)

Geir, S4 Avant, 280Hp/280 Km/h - 174 miles/h)

>I was curious why my A4 has a fuel shut off at 130mph? I know in the manual
>it says "the tires are not rated for speeds in excess of 130" but what if I
>put z rated tires on?  Is there an over ride or chip of some kind? I'm
>guessing the rest of the Audi line is the same. Accept for maybe the new TT.
>By the way, what does TT actually stand for?
>Josh Wheeler