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ADDCO Rear Anti-Sway Bar: '87 QSW

I'm considering the purchase of a bigger/stiffer rear anti-sway bar (to replace
the OEM unit) from ADDCO to put on my '87 QSW, in an effort to neutralize the
handling a bit (i.e. take a bit of the understeer away).

Has anyone had any luck installing these, especially on the QSW? Any BTDT, on
any Audi/VW vehicle?

Was there a noticeable difference? Well worth the price?

I believe the catalog says that I'd be going from a 5/8" to a 3/4" inch bar
(which is the max they provide for this car, from what I can tell...), which
results in a 205% "improvement" (i.e. "percent of increased strength").

I'm waiting for the sales/tech guy to call me back, to ensure that they even
make one for the QSW. The catalog only states " '85-'88 Quantum". We all know
that the Quantum sedans are not the same (i.e. non-quattro, and probably with a
different rear suspension). I'll let you all know if I come up snake-eyes on the
whole deal.

There is a discount of $25.00 off each kit if you order more than two. Any other
QSW owners want to consider it? Not sure if they'll consider separate shipping
addresses as "more than two". If not, perhaps someone else in the NE/Boston area
wants to order one along with me? Retail says $167.33... $141.32 with the
discount. (Since they say it is a "kit", I assume it comes with all the center
and end bushings/hardware... i.e. that stuff is not separately priced).

And, BTW, if you haven't already seen a copy of their book "Handling: What it
is, and how to get it", it is definitely worth it. Nice book to add to the
collection at home (or work, I suppose). It's only $3.00. You might be able to
get one free, if you ask nicely perhaps... :-)

Their phone # is: 800-338-7015. Of course, no affiliation etc... yada, yada,
yada. YMMV.

Any thoughts/comments/BTDT is greatly appreciated.

P.S. I'm not currently on the audifans list, so please CC: me on any posts.

                     Jim Griffin
                 ICQ # 1315286
'92 Audi 100S - '87 VW Quantum Syncro