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CV Question

I was working on the front brakes today on my '88 80 and noticed some
greasy oily substance on the outside of the caliper, plus a little line
of the same grease on the inside of the rim.  Took off the rotors to
cleaned 'em cause there was a little of that same grease on 'em.  Also
saw more grease on the spindle, cleaned it off.  Noticed that the CV
Boots were cracking.  This a BAD thing isn't it?  I have a sinking
feeling that it is.  Dry CV = ruined CV's.  Also tested for noise by
doing tight circles in the car and noticed a squeak here and there.
About once every full circle.  I'm in trouble aren't I.  More money in
the car.  Please advise, thank you.

Alexander van Gerbig '88 80
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