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Timing belt-a-thon

Just visited Chris Miller's web site and saw an interesting thing on their
timing-belt-a-thon. It was up in New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago. Gave
me an idea...

In the NY/metro Long Island area, is there anyone who might be interested
in a timiing belt/ any other work-a-thon? It seems like a great idea.
Combining tools, specialized tools (2084??), knowledge, and elbow grease.
Might just be good for a hang out for the rest. i think it might be good
even if just a few of us show up. 

Anyone interested in timing belt/water pump replacement or any other work
(short of a frame off Ur-Q resto)? I'll be back on my email on monday.
Hope to see some replies. Need some people with 2084, or I haver pages of
"safe" substitutions that lock the crank essentially the way 2084 does. I
could also show some how to get 2.0 bar for $10...

*Steve                                             Sachelle Babbar
*'87  5000CS Turbo 5spd 1.3-2.0 bar             <SBABBAR@IRIS.NYIT.EDU>
*Cockpit adjustable wastegate, AudiSport badge
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*personal experience and may not necessarily reflect yours. Use caution as
*your results may vary from mine."