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Re: 88 80q Exhaust

Well I have a buddy who has an '88 80q and did the following:  Regular
catalytic, to a Jetta 2 straight pipe, then a little moving around, and
at the end a TQC muffler.   Sounds great!  A little loud for me, but
worth trying a straight pipe, and if it is too loud, either find a good
quiet sport muffler, or add a smaller cheaper resonator.  Back pressure
is not really an issue with 80 series cars.  The stock air intake is
good enough to support a fairly open rear exhaust tract.  I have a '88
80 and I am doing a straight pipe, high flow cat, and a sport muffler.
No center muffler(resonator).  I have been told there will be plenty of
back pressure on my system, but I have a different engine and exhaust
system than you do.  But the 80q I told you about did see a gain of
6-9bhp on a dyno.  Good luck!  My exhaust is rusty as hell too!

Alexander van Gerbig '88 80
The Audi 80 Pages

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