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Re: Lowering springs for Coupe GT

Hi Ken:

The lip is screwed under the front lip and extends outward. P/N 45.11.1 but is
only sold as part of the front spoiler! Arrrrg! Price for both is around $300.
It is made of fiberglass, but there is a note that GFK-Plastik is avaible for
more. Not sure, but I think that would be PVC plastic.

Kind Regards

Rob Braunschweig


Ken Keith schrieb:

> > SGI also makes a hood that is the same hood used on the commenorative
> > (?sp) 86 Coupe and a nice front lip, along with a nice looking rear
> > spoiler, side moldings and rear window spoiler like the Toyota Supras had.
> Does anyone know what this front lip is made of?  Is it fiberglass, or is it
> some kind of impact-resistant material?
> Thanks,
> Ken