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      My 89 200TQ suffered a wiring harness meltdown after a apparent seize up of the cooling fan motor. Retrofitting the fusible link
to the motor was on my list of to do's in the near future but unfortunately it never happened. My mechanic, located in Amityville, NY
gave me a preliminary quote of "about $1500 to replace it with the one and only wiring harness available in the country!"
    Any BTDT's on this type of repair would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking that even after the repair, it just will never be
the same car. It all seems so unfair; you maintain your car in the proper manner, are rewarded with a superior vehicle that feels
like it's good for another 200,000 miles and then, well, away it goes.....
    I'll be getting the final word tomorrow on exactly what's needed to complete the repairs. Just a thought; being that Audi upgraded
their design in 1990 models, maybe I can get them to provide compensation for the repair.
      Andrew Micali
      89 200TQ
      87 4000CSQ