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5K Strut Bearings

I'm about to do a front strut replacement on my 86 5K TQW and was
looking over the parts I've collected to do this, when something seemed
wrong with the replacement bearings I got.

The replacements don't have a real "bearing" per say.  They are just a
metal plate with a rubber bushing in it.  The bushing has a metal sleeve
for the cartridge tube.

I had always seen "real bearings" (like ball bearings with a race, etc)
in strut top bearings).

I asked the parts store where I got these, and they assured me that this
was right for the 5K.  My question to this group is, is it?  or are
these a cheaper version of what is suppose to be there?

I'd rather find out before I start than after I get everything apart on