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re: new Nokian tire

I don't know about this new tire, but the NRW (H) is the best all-around
snow tire I've ever bought.  Better in the snow than any other tire I've
owned (save for the Hakka 1), great in the wet, and the best H-rated
tire I've driven on dry pavement.  For $90 a tire!

I have a set on the wife's SAAB. They will be the next snows I buy for
the UrQ.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI

<<I've been told that Nokia recently brought out a new performance tire.
saw one at a dealer, but don't recall the model designation; I thought
was NRW, but it looked a bit different to me than the "NRW"  I saw
illustrated on their website. The "new" tire is a uni-directional,
asymmetric tread pattern--very offcentered, smooth V-pattern. Does
have information/opinions about this tire--for strictly summer use?>>