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Re: O.E Glass/Rusting

If the glass monkeys are bad enough, Wolff, they even can damage the
galvanization.  My '87 5KCSTQ  now has several rust spots around one side
and the top of the windshield that are obvious lines from pry tools.  There
was no indication of rust when I bought the car five years ago. 

The only rust on that car is around the windshield and the spots where Audi
punched holes in the sheetmetal to hang the shiny trim piece above the rear
bumper cover, despite the fact it's been in salty Northern Michigan all its
190K miles/12 years.

Kneale Brownson

At 07:47 AM 5/8/99 -0700, Wolff wrote:
>> John
>> There are several types of winshield glass being sold.  Make sure you
>> get
>> the OEM glass or glass that meets OEM specs.  This glass is thicker than
>> the cheap glass and less prone to breaking from from rocks and stones.
>> Pat Korach
>> Kirkland, WA
>Also pre-inspec the glass for warps and scratches. Have a reputable shop
>install it since the cheap places don't mind scratching your paint under
>the gasket where you can't see it. This can rust later on non-galvanized