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Re: Wiring harness meltdown

Mike Arman wrote:
> >   My 89 200TQ suffered a wiring harness meltdown after a apparent =
> >seize up of the cooling fan motor. Retrofitting the fusible link=20
> >to the motor was on my list of to do's in the near future but =
> >unfortunately it never happened. My mechanic, located in Amityville, NY
> >gave me a preliminary quote of "about $1500 to replace it with the one =
> >and only wiring harness available in the country!"
> 1) The only one in the country? I severely doubt it. For $1,500, it sounds
> like a trip to a u-pull-it is in order - even if it is a hundred miles
> away. Let your fingers do the walking to locate a harness - I'm sure there
> are listers with TQ parts cars, or who know where they are - and th


The 89 200TQ I purchased in Van Nuys last year had the wiring harness 
meltdown.  Audi of Van Nuys in CA wanted $1800.00 to $2200.00 to fix it.
The turbo/Quattro harness has the injector after run and turbo water
oil temp quage, speedo sender and headlite wiring which I think is 
different than the non turbo cars.  The degree of melt down on the
harness depends on how long the person left the car on before turning it
off.  The one I purchased, the lady driving it turned the car off
right away after smelling something burning.  The harness wasn't to bad 
and I repaired most of it where the car was sitting.  After I drove it
to Kirkland, WA I replaced the harness.  Probably didn't have to but
wanted to be sure that I would not incure any problems in the future.
I also install a 80 amp fuse on the ground side of the Rad. fan motor.
The worst thing I found was it fused the red line that goes from the
fan motor to the relay with the red power line going to the relay. This
would keep the rad. fan motor on all the time.

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA