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Smelly AC/Bad Reception

My '89 100Q has been an excellent car for me except for 2 nagging problems:
1.  The AC/vent blows moldy smelling foul air, particularly when switching from AC to vent or vice versa.  I don't want to have to remove the blower motor to check for rotting stuff but there seems to be no other way.  "Frigi-fresh" only covers it up for a couple days.  Has anyone had and resolved this problem?
2.  My FM reception diminishes about 70% when I turn the key to the on position (whether or not the engine is started.)  I've pulled every fuse and every module under the dash one at a time.  I installed a "real" antenna and it is grounded properly.  I've talked to dozens of mechanics/car stereo guys/engineers and other assorted bright people.  No one's ever heard of such a thing. 
Thanks for your help.  Please respond to pdisarro@ct2.nai.net