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Home Depot hop up 1984 5000S

Poking around the plumbing department...

...and discovered that a 2"-3" black ABS pipe adapter fits into the stock
airbox nicely, with a little bending of the clamp limiter.
Some white PVC 22's, and a 45, coupled together with black 3" ABS couplers,
(go on the outside) and I'm up at the stock intake location, in front of the
cam cover, where I finish the tract with a 3"-4" adapter.
A drywall anchor attaches it to the sheet metal.

Looking at the cross-section of the warm-air intake control box....yeesh.
It's supposed to breathe through _that_? The wrap around tin is long since
gone anyways....

Bentley claims  the hot air intake is Canada only, but I find that difficult
to believe.

Breathing better now...

Stephen Bigelow
e-commerce/ Business Development
IBO # 823967