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Re: Solder vs. Crimp

>Anyone have contrary opinions to the latest Quarterly article asserting
>'technical inferiority of a soldered joint' over a crimped one?
>Specifically the idea that when crimping 'wires are fused together'
>while soldering 'wires are stuck together'?

All I can do to shed light on this is to pass along what the marine industry
recommends, which is crimp over solder.

My personal opinion is that a good solder joint will be superior to anything
else.  However, a good solder joint is hard to come by and harder to test
for.  Crimp joints are very consistent if you use good tools.  I now use a
compound crimp tool that make consistent joints that are as good or superior
to any solder joint I can do.

The way I see it:  Solder can be superb, but it takes art.  Crimp can be
superb with good tools.   You pick what the average worker can do better.

Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq