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The Gary Hewson `85 tqc "has been reduced to 22,500 and is probably the
best example in the country." per a note from him.

I also saw a blue 83 tqc in Petaluma, CA this weekend - asking $10K, and
not nearly worth it, IMHO. The car had been hit in front, and while the
repair was cosmetically good, I judge it unlikely to hold up for long -
for example, a horizontal triangular sheet-metal brace under the lf
fender at the back had not been reattached along one edge...

On a related note, I bought an urSUV this w'end - a `73 Nash Hornet
Sportabout (read as station wagon, for you younger folks) in cherry
condition - interior, chrome, and even the original carpets are perfect,
and the only thing missing is the original gas cap.

Rick Zehr