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Fwd: Extended warranty for 1997 A4 2.8Q - worth it?


	It is well worth it.
	I have had to use warranty coverage quite a few times since my car 
ran over the 50,000 mark.  Nothing major in the engine mechanics, but it has 
since paid well over what I paid for it.  I just wish I could have purchased 
the Audi warranty.  I missed the cutoff mileage(or at least was told that by 
the audi dealer when I went to check on it).  Does anybody oou there know if 
there is an actual cutoff, I asked about w/ 48,000 on the odom. at the time.  
So far though the after market warranty has covered everything I have had to 
claim,  roughly 15-2000 in seat motors(?????) and 5-600 on the alarm and 
locking mechanism.