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Fwd: New A6

tip....cost to be approx, $50k


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From: Clough, Samuel <SClough@irps.atl.invesco.com>
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Date: Monday, May 10, 1999 11:53 AM
Subject: New A6

>My comment about your budget it this:  if
>your budget and time frame allows, I would definitely wait for the A6 V8.
>With 300hp, tiptronic, and those slight flares a la the old S6 I think it's
>the ultimate mid-sized automobile for those not interested in special cars
>like the M5 and the S6 (if it ever happens).

Does anyone know if the new A6 4.2 is going to be offered with a 5-speed
manual (or 6-speed?) in the US?