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Eurolight manufacturers?

Hi List,

What lamp manufacturers make Eurolights for a '88 5kcstq?

I gather what I am looking for is a rectangular, as opposed to trapezoidal,
Eurolight.  I would love to have OEM part numbers for Hella, Cibie or Bosch,
or whoever makes these things.

If you know any numbers or have a manufacturers version on your 5ktq, send
me the info and car type (model, year) and I'll put together a synopsis.

After owning a 5k for six weeks I am convinced all of them should have
Eurolights AND A FUSIBLE LINK FOR THE FAN GROUND.  I just put in my fusible
link after the latest round of wiring harness fry stories.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq